AIKIDO DERBY 2013 Made with Xara BEGINNERS , AS WELL AS STUDENTS FROM OTHER AFFILIATIONS AND MARTIAL ARTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT AIKIDO DERBY We belong to  KYUSHINKAN House, whose main dojo is in Leicester under the instruction of PETER BROWN SENSEI, 6th DAN so hombu ALL GRADINGS are recognised by the UKA, and are therefore recognised by the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO, Tokyo, Japan, which is the home of the founder’s dojo PLEASE REMEMBER THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES ON SUNDAY 20th AND 27th APRIL, BUT CLASSE ARE AS NORMAL OTHERWISE. THANK YOU UPCOMING COURSES (all are welcome to attend) Aikido Friendship Course Paul Turner Sensei, Rob Goulden Sensei and Jason Hunt Sensei High Main Hal (gate 5 entrance), Charnwood College, Loughborough, Thorpe Hill, Loughborough, LE114SQ Sunday 27th April, 11-4pm, £10 Peter Brown Sensei Course in Nottingham San Ken Kan Dojo, Nottingham Saturday 10th May, 2-4pm, £7 KYUSHINKAN Instructor’s Course, Secular Hall, Leicester Sunday 22nd JUNE, 10:30-12;30, £5 MORE TO BE ADDED, PLEASE KEEP CHECKING Please contact us if you require more information RECENT GRADINGS Omedetou Gozaimashita Patrick Reilly, Ikkyu Victoria Hunt, Nikyu Rebecca Hunt, Nikyu Robert Ownsworth, Nikyu Mark Hunt, Nikyu Michael Ownsworth, Sankyu Francis Mackin, Yonkyu Mary Jean Melindo, Gokyu Bernadette Melindo, Rokyu Santiago Costa, Rokyu Angie Costa, Rokyu KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK NEWS
MEMBERSHIP & INSURANCE FEES FOR THE YEAR ARE AS FOLLOWS (United Kingdom Aikikai) Adults- £32  Students / Unwaged- £25  Under 18’s- £18 (all prices are subject to change)